• DJ Your Game with Veemix

    Add streaming or on-device music directly into your games in just a few minutes.
  • No More Music Licensing Headaches

    Veemix lets your users stream music from SoundCloud directly into your game. Players can create and share playlists.
  • Free for developers, Free for users.

    No ads or interference with your game revenue strategy. Veemix is free and on the Unity Asset Store.
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DJ Your Game

Veemix integrates streaming music and your iOS Music library right into your game using descriptive keywords, so your game scene always has the perfect soundtrack.


  • Absolutely FREE for developers and players
  • Recommend, rank, and share playlists made for your favourite game
  • No login required for players
  • Increase replayability
  • Quick and easy implementation
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 Download Veemix on the Unity Asset Store!







Game Developers: Use Veemix in Your Game, for Free!

 Did you know that 92% of the money on the App Store is now generated from in-app purchases?




Increase your revenue and increase your game's replay value with Veemix

thumbup Veemix makes your game more fun by gamifying music 

thumbup Veemix encourages replayability by making every game different

thumbup Veemix is a great way to get licensed music in your games, without having to license it

thumbup Even if you have a composer, Veemix is a great way to give your players some variety to keep them coming back

thumbup As a developer, you can make a recommended playlist for your games, sharing playlists with your users

thumbup We don't interfere with your in-app purchasing, advertising or ability to make money off your games!

thumbup Veemix is completely free and easy to implement!